Wednesday, 20 October 2010

My First Showreel

I am now just starting to post some stills from an animation i am working on at the moment.. This will be my first animation in my show reel .

This was made with Maya , Zbrush , Painter , Photoshop , Deep Paint , Uv layout , Crazy Bump and After Effects.

It has been a total learning experiance from learning how to box model in maya to hard surface sculpting in zbrush and everything else in between..!!

The following images really start from the begining idea up until the final animation , which is rendering as we speak..!!

I hadn't planned on this , it just grew from the first image and i kept adding stuff to it until it  became all that i was doing.!!

I would probably class the animation as a kind of "walk through" of my techical and artistic skills that you the viewer can follow along as the camera moves and you can see different pieces of my artwork.
I have tried to make many different objects / textures in different ways utilising different aspects of the software.
I hope you enjoy the trip as much as i did making it!
P.S.   I will post the animation on vimeo as soon as i have finished it......

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  1. Totally eyepopping! Never seen anything so surreal! The environment is awesum and so futuristic. I can imagine a world of the future with rooms, doorways, walls and all kinds of gadgetery as the norm. Well done! Love it! Now..get it out there and share it! Ma.