Friday, 15 April 2011

The Movie...!!!

Well here it is (well some of it.!)

Here are some stills from the final Maya scene. (you can also see some wip further down this blog)

They are stills from different compositing layers such as the ambient occlusion layers and the Fog / dust layers which are either multiplied or screened over the base colour layer when useing After effects or photoshop.
heres some examples:

screen/linear dodge

linear dodge

heres the ambient occlusion:
I also experimented with painting the AO and then multiply the result over the base colour layer , but that got a little messy. If i were to carefully hand paint each frame it might have looked nice , but that would have taken ages.

heres the base colour layer:

and heres a few fog / dust tests for the first part of the short:

Thanks for looking...

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  1. Saw your work in the Zbrush forums; I really dig the video + the space jam- just excellent vision. It'd be amazing to see this actually built at Burning Man. Congratulations on your achievement!