Friday, 5 April 2013

Rummaging around with Passes..

 here are the many different passes from maya which are then compt in photoshop
fog,ambient occlusion,three different specular,cutout and of course the base colour..
the image at the bottom is just one of the final versions.. thanks for lookin...


  1. Hey I discovered your art looking for alien eggs in zbrush. And your designs and art scenes are exactly the kind of feeling i want to transmit on a Web Browser Game im doit. Its name is and althought im doing it on my free time as a hobbie. Im thinking on launching it soon. My game is an Turn Based Strategy game where you are an Alien Overlord and fight between others aliens and of course Puny Humans (controlled by AI), thing about the Zergs in Startcraft and you will get the feeling of what I want to achieve. Your art its like seeing exactly the kind of worlds I wish to recreate on my game. Im pretty good at web development, but graphic design is something that I can't do ( that's why im looking for aliens eggs in google :D, hey, can I use your alien egg to make an icon of it for my game?).What do you thing about designing some concept art? The tentacles and bubbles with liquid stuff is exactly what im looking for. Lets chat or mail or something and see what we can do and of course money can be involved if its not some bizarre quantity of it. Anyway your page is a real inspiration! Have a good day/week/month


    1. sorry dude i have only just seen your comment.. you are quite welcome to use the egg image , just credit this blog to it.!! if you need anything else just use the email at the top of this page..!! see you